I am a museum curator and exhibitions designer currently living in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised throughout the American West. I have long had a passion for history with special interests in fashion history, the decorative and fine arts, architectural and interior design, social customs and the domestic arts.

My creativity began at a young age. I drew incessantly, on any surface I could find. In fact my mother still tells tales of scrubbing crayon off bricks and trying to hide carved images on paneling. But I loved to draw, and to let my imagination soar. I created my own imaginary country – Luxenholf – positioning it in the Mediterranean, until discovering I preferred northern climes and moving it to the North Sea. I set about drawing the history of my island nation, and in the process began studying fashion history, interior and architectural design, cultural history, and world history. I wanted the details to be correct.

Costume design for Follies

This world of fantasy evolved into a theatrical career of sorts, beginning in the seventh grade when I won a supporting role in a high school production of The King and I, playing Louis Leonowens. I soon discovered that I was a techie, rather than a performer, and I threw myself into becoming a behind-the-scenes creator of costumes and scenery. This carried me well into my twenties and through two college degrees.

Costume design for Pirate King, The Pirates of Penzance

Costume design for Ruth, The Pirates of Penzance















While living in Houston in the mid 1980s, and working in retail display, I discovered that I spent the majority of my free time in museums and art galleries, fascinated by the objects they held. Visiting museums fed off my passion for antiquing, a habit already well established from my time in the theatre. This was also the period when many major art museums were beginning to showcase historic fashion collections in elaborate themed exhibitions. It was also the golden years of Masterpiece Theatre on television. I was hooked on history, fashion, style, and beautiful things! A new course was set. I must discover the world of museum exhibitions!

That trip led me back to college (for a third degree,) to the island of Manhattan, the Texas prairie, and throughout the American Southwest. Twenty-three years later, I have been living the dream. I have discovered beautiful objects, worked with truly amazing museum colleagues, donors and collectors, and been allowed access to the storerooms and hidden collections of many notable institutions. I  look forward to this passion carrying me through the remainder of my professional career, and my life, for they are irreversibly intertwined at this point.

Welcome to my adventure. I’m glad you’re here!